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How to create your avatar

Step 1: Choose the gender. On the left there is male gender avatar, on the right – female gender avatars.

Step 1: Choosing the gender

Step 2: Use the tool to customize various options, such as facial features, hair, clothes, background etc.
For example, for the face you can customize face shape, skin color, nose, eyes and ears – choose from numerous options to create the craziest or most accurate avatar your heart desires. For the eyes you can modify eye shape, iris type or color, eyebrows shape and type, glasses and more. In case of hair you can modify the shape, color or facial hair. You can also choose the type and color of clothes your avatar is wearing. To top it all of – you can choose one of the plethora of options for the clothes.
Use all of these options to create your most amazing avatar!

Step 2: Customizing the avatar

Step 3: Download the image from the menu in the bottom-right corner. There are 3 options how to download the image for the PC users and 2 options for mobile or tablet users:

  1. 200×200 pixels PNG avatar – useful for forum avatars or the places which require a small image.
  2. 500×500 pixels PNG avatar – it’s great for places which need higher resolution images – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social networks.
  3. 600×600 pixels SVG avatar – it is great for people who need special type of image (not available for mobile or tablet users)

Step 4: Enjoy and use the image anywhere on your social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or anywhere else!