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Why Don’t I Have the Facebook Avatar Option in 2023?

Facebook Avatar

Facebook avatars are cartoon-like depictions of yourself that you can create and customize on the social media platform. Avatars were introduced by Facebook in 2020 as a new way for users to express themselves. With an avatar, you can represent yourself visually without using your real photo.

When Were Facebook Avatars Introduced?

In May 2020, Facebook began rolling out avatars to users as part of a major push into visual communication. Avatars were seen as a natural evolution of digital communication beyond text and photos. Other platforms like Snapchat and Apple’s Memoji already used personalized avatars and animojis. Facebook wanted to provide its users with a fun new way to interact and visually represent themselves online.

Initially, Facebook avatars were only available to users in Australia and New Zealand. The feature was then expanded to users globally later in 2020. Facebook avatars can be used in comments, Stories, Messenger chats, and News Feed posts. Users can customize the look of their avatar with numerous hair, clothing, and accessory options.

Why Don’t I Have the Option to Create a Facebook Avatar?

If you don’t see the option to create a Facebook avatar, there are a few potential reasons:

1. The Feature Hasn’t Rolled Out to You Yet

Even though avatars launched back in 2020, Facebook is still selectively rolling out the feature to users. It’s possible the option simply hasn’t made it to your account yet. Be patient and keep checking back. The ability to make an avatar should appear for you sooner or later.

2. Your Account Lacks Eligibility for Some Reason

Facebook has certain eligibility requirements that must be met to access avatars:

  • Location – Avatars may only be available in certain countries and regions. If you live somewhere that doesn’t have access yet, you won’t see the feature.
  • Account standing – You must be in good standing with no restrictions on your account to use avatars. Any prior violations or blocks could make you ineligible.
  • Age requirements – Facebook requires users to be at least 18 years old to use avatars. Underage users won’t have avatar access.

If any of these eligibility criteria are not met by your account, you’ll be restricted from creating a Facebook avatar.

3. You Have an Outdated Version of Facebook

To use avatars, you need to have the latest version of the Facebook app installed on your mobile device or be using the up-to-date desktop site. Make sure that both your mobile app and browser are updated to the newest Facebook version. If you are not updated to the latest release, the avatar option may not be visible.

4. A Technical Glitch or Bug is Preventing Avatars

Like any software product, Facebook can have its share of annoying technical issues. Sometimes a bug or glitch prevents certain features like avatars from working properly. There could be a temporary outage or software error that is blocking you from avatar access even though you are eligible. Try updating the app, clearing the cache, or logging out and back in to resolve any bugs.

5. Your Account Has Customized or Restricted Settings

If your Facebook account has heavily customized privacy settings or restrictions, it may block you from using certain features like avatars. Try temporarily easing your privacy settings or allowing additional sharing to see if that enables avatar functionality. You can always restrict things again after testing.

When Will I Get the Facebook Avatar Option?

It’s hard to predict exactly when any given user will get access to avatars. Facebook rolls out new features gradually to prevent service issues from too many people flooding their servers at once. A staged rollout also allows them to isolate any bugs and fix them before expanding access.

Below is a rough timeline of when you may get the avatar option based on location and other factors:

  • Early 2020 – Available in Australia and New Zealand first
  • Mid 2020 – Expanded to the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe
  • Late 2020 – Launched globally to all Facebook users
  • 2021 to present – Continued expansion to additional countries
  • Future – Any inactive users or accounts that still lack access

The best thing you can do is keep your Facebook app updated to the current version and keep checking for the avatar feature every so often. Given how long ago the initial launch was, most active users worldwide should have access by now unless restrictions apply to your specific account. If you still don’t have avatar capability by mid to late 2023, you may need to contact Facebook support to determine if any issues are preventing you from using the feature.

How Do I Enable Facebook Avatars If I Have the Option?

Once the avatar option finally becomes available for your account, here are the steps to create your personalized avatar:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile device or navigate to on a desktop browser.
  2. Find and select the avatar button. On mobile, this button may be shown on one of your menu tabs. On desktop, look for it at the top of the left sidebar.
  3. Choose whether you want your avatar to represent your current displayed gender or a neutral genderless option.
  4. Customize the look of your avatar by selecting hair, eyes, clothes, and other features.
  5. When finished, click Done and decide if you want to share your new avatar publicly or keep it private for now.
  6. If desired, you can always edit your avatar later to modify its appearance.

Once enabled, you’ll be able to use your avatar in Facebook comments, stories, chat messages, and other areas. Have fun representing yourself in a whole new visual way with a uniquely personalized avatar!

FAQs About Facebook Avatars

Why can some people see avatars but I can’t?

If some of your friends can use avatars but you can’t, it likely means Facebook hasn’t rolled the feature out to your account yet. Be patient as they gradually make avatars available globally.

Do Facebook avatars work on both mobile and desktop?

Yes, you can create and use avatars on both the Facebook mobile app and desktop website. Your avatar is synced across platforms.

Can I make multiple avatars?

No, each Facebook user is limited to one personalized avatar at this time. You can modify your current avatar but cannot create different ones.

Is there a way to get avatars if my country isn’t supported yet?

Not directly. Facebook controls which regions get avatar access. The only workaround is to use a VPN service that allows you to appear located in an eligible country.

Will Facebook add the ability to animate avatars or use them in other ways?

Most likely. Facebook is constantly expanding the functionality of avatars for more creative communication. We will likely see animated avatars and integration into more Facebook features soon.


Facebook avatars offer an exciting new avenue of expression for users around the world. The ability to craft cute personalized avatars makes interacting on Facebook more fun and vibrant. While the rollout continues gradually, keep an eye out for when the avatar option reaches your account. Once available, take advantage of this feature to visually represent yourself in a customized way!